This is me...

I am passionate about making art, seizing life for all it has and I see photography not only as an art form of my own creative expression, but a beautiful way to treasure memories and hold onto our precious moments. I love popcorn, coffee and watching endless amounts of friends on repeat. Yes I might even quote it to you. I have a crazy side kick husband and two fun loving daughters who are often the subject of my camera.

I love how photography makes you nostalgic and has the ability to wrap you up in the warmth of a forgotten time. I adore reflecting this through my style with natural light and a down to earth, effortless feel. I want people to always look back at the photographs I took and to know that their lips are curved up into that Mona Lisa smile, while they relive the story in the picture.

Your story, this adventure you are on, I want to capture it. I want to walk with you in this chapter of you life and make those memories last forever. Why? Because I believe your story has worth and should be told though beautiful photographs.

I hope I can capture those stories soon, I can’t wait to meet you xxx


Laura & Travis, England

“Thank you so much, we loved reminiscing on the day while scrolling through the pics!”

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